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DIY Touchpad Advice
« on: Wed, 02 August 2017, 10:58:29 »
I would like to have a touchpad to match the profile of my 60% keyboard, and I really want it to be USB rather than bluetooth (BT devices are not allowed at my work).  It needs to have gesture support, and should work out of the box without installing proprietary software.  I don't mind doing some modding to achieve this.  Any advice or guides anyone can point me to?  I think a good way might be to buy a replacement touchpad for a laptop, convert it to USB and build an enclosure for it.  Or there's this thing: but one review on Amazon said it doesn't support multi-touch.

Or there's this:, which might be a good starting point but I would want to strip all the ugly printing off the front somehow.

I'm pretty sure I won't actually like using the trackpad long-term, just need to try it for awhile to find out :)  I'm using an old Logitech Trackman which I like pretty well.  Just want to experiment with different pointing devices to see what works best for me.  I like the idea of the rollermouse if there was one that was the same length as the 60% keyboard.