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KachaKeys (1st official Geekhack sale) Neon Tiger
« on: Fri, 25 August 2017, 11:56:44 »
Hi  Geekhack.

Long time no see, weve been brewing something special for our 1st sale on GH

Today is the day Neon Tiger is going up for sale.

The (Neon) Tiger labor of love from us at KachaKeys. We love all big cats, Lions, Tigers, Panthers, Pumas and Lynxes, and all sorts of ferocious felines.

We are a couple of artists trying to make a living, and we love drawing from life. One of the places we were lucky enough to visit a year ago, the Big Cat Rescue in
Tampa, Florida was a huge source of inspiration in our art and this very keycap.

We want to help these guys as they do so much work to help preserve the precious wildlife thats slowly dissapearing from this worold.
They rescue abused and abandoned big cats and are a permanent home to over 80 of our furry friends, and to do that they need donations and visitors.

Along with this sale we will be hosting an ebay auction for a one of a kind Neon Tiger Keycap, with all the proceeds going straight to the Big Cat Rescue.

The Link will go live here later today:

Also, even if you do not participate in the auction, or this sale, you can donate to the Big Cat Rescue directly, here:

(We werent payed to promote them nor are we partnered with them in any way, we just love the place and what they do)

As for sale details:

This sale will include 8 colors of the Neon Tiger every cap will be 35$ + 5$ shipping.
All Caps are MX Stem.

Unfortunately due to usps delays we wont be doing canada or international sales at this
time until we figure out a reasonable way to ship. Dont worry, these guys will be sold again really soon hopefully internationally.

Sale is first come first serve, I will close the sale once all caps have been purchased. (theres 12-14 of every color)
Unlike 5151 we can make sure everyone gets what they want, but we will damn well try.

The Menu:

The Order Form:

Thanks a bunch for your participation!

Mathilde and John at Kachakeys
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