Author Topic: HHKB JP / Karabiner Elements MacOS Question  (Read 2552 times)

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HHKB JP / Karabiner Elements MacOS Question
« on: Sun, 11 February 2018, 14:22:00 »
Greetings fellow keyboard enthusiasts. I have a question about remapping keys for my new HHKB Pro JP.

I use Mac & photoshop/lightroom constantly. I need to remap the ^ key to become my + key. I use the + key all the time to zoom and adjust exposure etc.

I successfully used karabiner elements to change a few other keys. But I do not know what Karabiner calls the ^ key. I googled and its called a caret or Upper Grave?
There are like 9 language keys and 9 international keys etc but I don't know which to change. You have to reboot each time, so to save me all the trail and error....does anyone happen to know?

Thi KB was overall a pretty dumb move for me. I have pretty large fingers and I find that I hit two keys when I try to type fast. I am much faster to work with the apple keyboard.
But! I do love the thock sound. And it is much better looking. And I do like a challenge. So I hope I get used to it over the years.

All of this was fairly difficult for me to type btw. Lots of deleting and autocorrect. lol

PLEASE HELP! Thanks!188628-0188630-1188632-2188634-3