Author Topic: Mod log: Red Scarf II+ ver.C, 78g Zealios to 78g Zilents  (Read 952 times)

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Mod log: Red Scarf II+ ver.C, 78g Zealios to 78g Zilents
« on: Sat, 03 March 2018, 20:32:49 »

So I finally got around to swapping out the regular 78g Zealios stems/springs in my RS for Zilent 78g stems/springs. Used Tribosys grade 0 equivalent for the lube on the stems which worked out great, Krytox VPF 1514 oil for the springs & the housing were lubed from the original build. The Tribosys product has to be applied in a very light layer to be effective though. The Zilents are pretty nice so far as well, they retain all the tactility of regular Zealios but are much, much quieter. The cushioning on the stem completely removes the popping bubble wrap feel & sound regular Zealios have, although that could be a negative to some. I'll admit I miss it a bit, but have I have plenty of regular Zealios in my stock for future builds & wanted a dead silent board with this project which is what I got. Really Zilents are the best silent tactile switch available right now IMHO. Well worth a try if you are looking for this type of switch, the pricing is a bit steep though. All in all I am very pleased with how this mod went & turned out! :thumb:
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