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Hi from Duchesne, UT
« on: Fri, 09 March 2018, 15:41:37 »
I'm new to the Keyboard Enthusiast community, but I can already tell you Holy PANDA! I started this new hobby/timesink/Moneypit a few months ago with a Model M.  So far everyone I work with has offered me money for my Model M, including my boss. I'm glad to find such a vibrant and robust community surrounding Keyboards.  I've been a computer enthusiast since the late 80s.  I still think the Atari 800 has a great keyboard, although the angle is a bit steep for my liking these days.  Anyways, I'm happy to be a member of Geekhack, and I hope to get to know many of its peoples.

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Re: Hi from Duchesne, UT
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