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Audeze, known for their various Planar Magnetic headphones in the audiophile community has just announced their new product, $400 MSRP Mobius headphone.  They have it up on indiegogo for preorder at $249 USD with free shipping for the "Early Bird" tier (1000 spots).  The lower priced extra early tiers were very limited in size and sold out quickly.

For more information about this headphone, please see the promotional video on the indiegogo page, and there's also an early review (prototype review) by head-fi reviewers:
 The latter review talks about some technical details of these headphones / headset.  There are discussion threads about Mobius on reddit and head-fi ( (and possibly other sites). 

10hr bluetooth battery life with built in amplifier
detachable microphone
tuned more like audiophile headphones in terms of sound signature (like the LCD series with some more bass emphasis, according to the review video), so should be good for plain music listening, not just gaming or home theater.

link to campaign:

Estimated delivery in June, 2018.
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