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Almost new around, it's been a while
« on: Fri, 16 March 2018, 16:11:24 »
Hi there,

It's been a few years so, I'm almost new. Liking a lot the new theme, very neat. :)

Getting to business, I'm making my mind to get another Filco Magestouch (brown switches) for work.

However, it's a picky requirement that must be Spanish ISO layout.

So far, seems like the place I bought my 1st Filco got what I want: However, the standard keycaps are lacking spice.

So, I'm looking for Spanish (Spain ISO layout) keycaps. Pretty specific and hard to find seems like. :(

Being a total noob as I am, perhaps someone can direct me to the proper place/s to look for...

I saw on the list of vendors, lots of ANSI US layouts, but featuring ISO+Spanish (ISO Spain), oh brother, so hard to find...

Keycap designs I dig a lot:


Somehow, seems like Tai-hao got the coolest keycap designs (double injected/shot). Are these keycaps legit? As a seller, can Tai-hao be contacted for a "custom" order of just 1 set like I'd be interested with? Or they just sell "in bulk"?

Anyone may know if there's an EU vendor offering what I'm looking for, for a "reasonable" price?

Price that I'd consider: around 100 EUR.

A bit of directions would be greatly appreciated.  ;)


EDIT: Kinda undecided on ABS or PBT.
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