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Hello from the Netherlands
« on: Sat, 17 March 2018, 09:45:22 »
Hey all, firstly a kind hello from the (currently cold, snowy and windy) Netherlands.
I've been lurking around on this forum for the last couple of weeks and thought I'd join in.

Reason for lurking around is two-fold. I'm looking at options for a new keyboard at home as well as one for in the office.

In the office I am currently typing on somekind of rubber dome Logitec keyboard. I've been kinda bummed out by it for a while but it has gotten much worse since I got a new (for me) model M keyboard which I use at home when doing work (programming and lots of other keyboard interactions). This thing opened my eyes in terms of feel but primarily because of the precision in typing. I hit del/backspace far fewer than on that thing and also less than on my previous keyboard I have at home. Sadly, I don't think my colleagues will appreciate the loud noise if I bring a loud keyboard into the office. :(

So the home-keyboard situation is the aforementioned model M and a coolermaster CM Storm QuickFire Ultimate with MX Cherry brown switches in it. I kinda like the Quickfire for gameing but will replace it at some point: It is butt-ugly and gets in the way when gameing (tenkey). Also, I'm not sure if I like the brown switches.

I'm kinda interested in DIY or modding an existing keyboard. I can solder: another hobby of mine is restoring / reviving vintage amplifiers, both transistor and valve (tubes for USA people :P ). But what keeps me from biting a bullit on a specific kit or set is price vs. not knowing what quality to expect. Since the keyboard market in Holland is quitte small, you can only buy the well-known (gaming) brands online, I find it hard to make a good, well informed descision.

So, what am I looking for? Some insight in the ways of the keyboard and joining in on conversations, you all seem like a friendly bunch of people.