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Miuni32 / Zealiostatle Review - Zeal 33key 30% keyboard
« on: Sat, 24 March 2018, 13:08:05 »
Miuni32 / Zealiostatle - Zeal 33key 30% keyboard

Small - yes, ergonomic - yes, cool - yes, funny to look at - yes:

Run Down:
- Underglow RGB
- 33keys, 3 x 11, 30%
- Was sold in a group buy on zeals website made by Adam(check out his website):
- everything is soldered in except the switches

What I put in:
- Zealiostatle switches(clicky zeals)
- Keycaps: TeleType Z-Series Planck Double-Shot Keyset, UK Keycaps -
- My own:
         - Laser cut case with extended sides
         - Acrylic plate

    Ok lets talk about the Zealiostatle how are they: well theirs  sound it's crisp and just what I want form a clicky switch,
however they are deferentially effected by the key caps, I tried many keycaps withthem, SA, DSA, spherical, flat the whole lot but these were my
findings, as your keycaps get thicker and larger the deeper the sound gets with it sounding best with either double shot PBT Cherry or double shot ABS SA.

The tactile bump: Well I cant find a force curve, but in the line up this is my opinion, they are fairly comparable in tactility to clicky white alps and
are far more tactile than cherry mx brown or black tactile alps, and is slightly above my uni comp buckling spring keyboard, so generally this is one
of my favorite cherry style switches.

    I designed the case in cad and laser cut it I think it looks good with the keycaps, but aside from my work the PCB is awesome, it is a fantastic
bit of kit that is deferentially of the standard that I would expect for a 60$ keyboard it has under glow RGB, program-ability in QMK and looks

However if I could request a few changes they would be, the ability to have in switch RGB as well, instead of a mini USB port maybe USB C, and finally
ALPS SUPPORT!!!! (but I always want that so yeah :p)

Typing experience:
(BTW this is coming from a guy who normally uses a plank)
   Let me level with you its a 30% keyboard its not easy to get used to I find the layout a bit weird, I wish they had a 4th row below in order for
the space bar to be separate from my alphabet keys NOTE the B N M keys are all shifted by two across, hence why its a bit weird to type on.
BUT aside from that its pretty good its the lowest amount of keys I will go I know almost defiantly I would find it very hard to type on a Gherkin,

So If your looking into getting into a 30% keyboard but don't want to start out on a Gherkin I would
most certainly recommend this keyboard for you if you like clicky switches and you want MX
mounts definitely get or try Zealiostatle , and if you just want a bit of fun or maybe a new
artisan holder get this Keyboard!
(BTW this was my first review let me know what your thoughts were?)

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Re: Miuni32 / Zealiostatle Review - Zeal 33key 30% keyboard
« Reply #1 on: Sat, 24 March 2018, 13:53:02 »
Feel free to leave your thoughts about my review and if you have any questions?
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