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Hola from the City of Angeles
« on: Wed, 28 March 2018, 18:43:18 »
Hello, GeekHack community! Been stalking for a few months until I finally decided to say hi.

I have a K-Type with Box Pale Blues at the moment with Matt3o's /dev/tty set. Thanks to my Pok3r, I have been introduced to the world of alternate keyboard layouts and have been on a Colemak layout for about a year. I can now consistently type 60-80 wpm with it and haven't looked back. Ever since then , my love of keyboards have grown exponentially and I had no idea a few years ago I would spend so much money and time on keyboard paraphernalia.

Anyways, hello to all the mech keyboard lovers, SoCal peeps, and Colemak fans!
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