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Long Time Mech Enthusiat, Never Knew Others Existed.
« on: Fri, 30 March 2018, 20:28:17 »
Hello everyone!

Just wanted to introduce myself and more importantly find a reason to type something with my new Vortex Core. I have been using Mech Boards since Das started bringing back Mechs and am sure I used buckling springs, alps, and other retro switches growing up with PCs as I have been around them since before I could talk, about the only thing I can thank my parents for haha. I remember typing on old keyboards and loving the feeling so much. It was the best part of using a computer. Over time as boards got crappier I always found myself looking for the best rubber dome boards.

Living in Canada we don't have many flea markets or places to find older PC equipment and my parents threw everything out. I never really knew there was a such a large mech community until getting into smaller layouts such as my 70% percent and then my Vortex Core. I also have Pok3r RGB on pre-order so I think the rabbit hole is already in full swing. I recently gave up collecting games and I spent hundreds on games every couple of weeks so I am sure I will just spend the money on boards now. I hope to meet some new folks. I live in Ontario Canada and would love to find some meet ups or try to get some going. I live near Niagara Falls so right near the border.

Current Family

- Das Keyboard (I think they started the Mech Resurgence, at least from my perspective, actually I threw this out a few years ago regretfully seeing I spilled coffee on which is when I learnt mech's don't salvage as well as rubber domes).
- Razer Blackwidow (First Mech by Razer with MX Blues before they went the Kalih) - I thought I loved this board until I went floating key. Now I hate boards with high profile frames as your fingers can't hug the keys the same way).
- Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition TKL (Kalih Greens or their in House switches - I have seen some debate on who actually makes their newest switches but I really like them they sound very low pitched).
- Drevo Calibur 71%  - great board for the price and the fact it has Outemu switches and sounds very high pitched.
- Vortex Core - Newest and Bestest friend. I love the layout and I use symbols a lot as I work in IT and mostly am scripting, coding and technical writing.
- Vortex Pok3r - I know I am going to love this thing, I have wanted it for a long time but kept putting it off until I bought the Core and realized I don't really want to use my 71% layout as that nav cluster just adds so much bulk but the Core can be hard to use when I need to work at 110% capacity and seeing I can type really fast the core gets me slightly mad if I am having a bad day at work and there is alot of pressure to hurry up on something.

Glad to have found a message board to be a part of. It's been years since using one :) - PS I typed this on my core without looking down once for anyone wondering how I am adjusting to a 40% layout. I made a good amount of errors but I am always to backspace and correct them without looking down.

PS I hate the damn CAPTCHA on this site it's so hard to read.
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Re: Long Time Mech Enthusiat, Never Knew Others Existed.
« Reply #1 on: Mon, 02 April 2018, 08:26:16 »
Welcome. No worries about the CAPTCHA - it will disappear once you get a few posts. In addition to Geekhack, both Deskthority ( and Reddit ( have fairly large communities as well.
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