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DSA profile for HHKB
« on: Mon, 16 April 2018, 06:53:42 »
I am want to using blank DSA keycaps for HHKB,  I have found square keys, but cannot find special keys, like Space, Return, Shift and so on.
May be do you know where can I get them ?

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Re: DSA profile for HHKB
« Reply #1 on: Thu, 07 June 2018, 13:50:23 »
If you mean the actual HHKB (topre) there aren't DSA profile keycaps for it (at least not stock caps). HHKB's are available with Topre OEM Profile keycaps which are somewhere in between MX OEM and Cherry profile keycaps. There's an article (and photos) from Keychatter that you can check out here. The only other profile that a Topre keyboard has ever featured as far as I'm aware is the Topre HiPro which is featured on several Realforce keyboards such as the Topre JustSystems models and several other models which you can see here. They're similar to SA profile keycaps from Signature Plastics, but definitely not the same.

If you want to use DSA keycaps on your HHKB (please no) you'll need to cannibalize your keyboard board by drilling holes in the tray for Novatouch/KBDFans/JTK Topre to MX sliders. Also, keep in mind as far as I'm aware there isn't a way to use Novatouch/JTK/Kbdfans sliders for the HHKB Spacebar so you'll either be using the Topre OEM spacebar or attempting to locate a DSA profile topre spacebar from someone who can cast you one in resin.

Photos from Keychatter --
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