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Hello From Central California
« on: Tue, 17 April 2018, 22:47:52 »
Hello geekhack members. I have been casually lurking for the last several weeks, so I decided to join since I'd like to become a part of your community. I really enjoy keyboards, likely for a lot of the same reasons everyone here does. I especially enjoy the sound of typing. It likely stems from growing up listening to my mother typing all night on an IBM selectric as she was a typist/secretary. I still put on typing sounds to fall asleep to when I can't sleep.

Currently I don't have a huge selection of keyboards in my collection, a couple of Kaypro's (a 2 and a 10), IBM Model M's, a Chinese "pingmaster" and I'm starting to get into model F's. I found a grey/industrial F but sadly its Oak switch version. Would it be horrible if I swapped the case to a capacitive buckling spring version? I'm mostly interested in large "OEM" vintage style keyboards, but there are alot of new customs I see people making that are quite impressive, and would like to try that out sometime perhaps.

So, just wanted to say "hi".