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Magicforce Bring a big present to the crowd
« on: Tue, 26 June 2018, 02:53:56 »
Magicforce 108-key Mechanical Keyboard with Walnut Case


Magicforce gets known as a good start point for most people with its popular and well-known compact keyboard Magicforce 49-key and 68-key.

Similar to its successful compact keyboards, Magicforce 108-key keyboard features all the bells and whistles that Magicforce has come to be known for. Meanwhile, it brings a big present to the crowd.


Compelet Keyboard with Walnut case
Cherry profile typewriter round keycaps (108)
Wooden wrist support
Dye Sub keycaps (108)
Cherry Switches - Blue, Brown, Red


The backlight is white.  The weight is around 3 Kg. Free shipping.

GB Closed date - 15th July 2018 (EST time)

Estimated Shipping Date - the End of July 2018