Author Topic: Planning Stages - Minnesota Mechanical Keyboards Meetup  (Read 7460 times)

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Planning Stages - Minnesota Mechanical Keyboards Meetup
« on: Sun, 08 July 2018, 17:03:29 »
Hi everyone! I'm currently planning a meetup in the Minneapolis-Twin Cities area of Minnesota.

Thank you to Haaaaaandrew for contributing areas that we can meet! The meetup will most likely be held inside of a Hennepin County Library's Public Meeting Room.

As for a date, time, and which meeting room, that is purely up to the majority preferences and the number of our attendees.

Fill out the google form if you're interested in attending.

If you're interested in having a long-term conversation with me and other meetup volunteers, join the Midwest Mechanical Keyboards discord server!


Thanks for checking out the meetup!