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troubleshooting ADV2
« on: Sat, 28 July 2018, 19:48:52 »
Hey guys. Looking for some help with a keyboard that has an intermittent issue. I have a Kinesis Advantage2 that I've just soldered new switches into. This is the second time IO've done this to this board using new PCBs, switches, and diodes. First time was a set of Zealios, this time is some BOX heavy blues. I'm pretty decent with a soldering iron (Weller 51 with a 5/32 tip) so I'm reasonably sure there's no issue there.


I'll plug in the ADV2 and it will function 100% without any issues at all for a period of time between 5-40 minutes. At some point *not associated with a keystroke* the board will start sending garbage. in a text window it will print some full half row string in caps like "HJKL:HJKL:" and then hang on input while the function row sends a bunch of system poking commands in rapid succession like print screen, num lock, pause, etc. When this happens I basically get locked out of being able to triage with the board plugged in as the modifier keys are also being sent to the system so all system interaction gets fed. I have to unplug.

If I try to plug the board back in within 10 min or so of the failure it will immediately resume being a bag-of-****s and have all the same symptoms. if I wait a half hour or so It will resume working 100% for it's random allotment of time.

I assume it's either a static build up or something similar like a heat issue with a component given the intermittent nature of the issue.

I'm desperate for help.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: troubleshooting ADV2
« Reply #1 on: Wed, 26 December 2018, 09:18:21 »
Have you tried contacting Kinesis? Obviously warranty is void, but in my experience they have some keyboard nerds working there that might be able to throw you some pointers.