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Keycap Trays
« on: Wed, 01 August 2018, 01:35:35 »
So, I was browsing through the KPRepublic store and came across these slick SA compatible keycap trays. They remind of a mix between the GMK tray and the JTK trays. At $45 a tray, they definitely are going to be closer to a display tray than a practical storage tray, being nicely frosted and the clear top. My hang up is that if these were $15-20, I don't think I'd have a second thought about picking one up.

So, my question to you guys is has anyone used these before and if you have, do you think they were worth the money??

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Re: Keycap Trays
« Reply #1 on: Wed, 01 August 2018, 02:54:47 »
I bought 2 and they are really nice, good fit for SA caps. Though I would like the magnets to be stronger, but still recommended

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