Author Topic: Kinesis DXT version 2 difference?  (Read 4376 times)

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Kinesis DXT version 2 difference?
« on: Sat, 04 August 2018, 03:11:56 »
I'm looking for an ambidextrous pointing device to supplement/replace my Razer Taipan. I'm up for trying something more experimental, so I found the Logitech Trackman Marble and the Kinesis DXT.

I'd be happy to hear any opinions and recommendations, but my main question is this:

What is the difference between the DXT and the DXT 2?
And where do you get the second version? (I'm located in the Netherlands)

All the retailers I can find list the DXT by Bakker Elkhuizen, a Dutch ergonomics company.
Not sure if this is some white-label thing, or a shameless clone.

Of course Amazon has the DXT 2, but then 9/10 times it's FREE SHIPPING until you hit checkout and it turns into NO SHIPPING AT ALL...