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AEKII Spacebar stabilizer
« on: Tue, 07 August 2018, 02:28:39 »
While converting my AEKII to USB I lost what seems to be the Spacebar stabilizer.

It was a very small black cylinder, which on top had what looker like a rather small cherry-mx like stem. This cylinder connected to the Spacebar on the left side of the Alps Switch.

Now that it's missing the Spacebar feels very wobbly.

I am now completely lost and don't know what the best way to take is in my situation.

Is there anyway to just buy the missing piece, do I have to buy a donor board?

I would greatly appreciate every suggestion you might have.

Thank you in advance,

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Re: AEKII Spacebar stabilizer
« Reply #1 on: Thu, 30 August 2018, 14:49:38 »
I went over to the Matias web store hoping they would have that part in their stabilizer set. They do not. :(

The next thing I would suggest is scavenging another (maybe partial?) board. Yard sales,  eBay, ask around here, etc. Maybe this is a 3D printable part? Dunno how well it would stand up to the original, but i think it could potentially work.

Good luck

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Re: AEKII Spacebar stabilizer
« Reply #2 on: Tue, 04 September 2018, 18:18:38 »
Simple you can't. That part is just a original part of the AEK. Only fix is to find the peace or buy the stabilizers from /MM or a whole new AEK to take the part from.
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