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Proxy service from USA, Japan, China
« on: Fri, 24 August 2018, 09:42:41 »
Proxy Information

I am able to proxy almost everything from China, Japan, or the United States as I have a business presence in all three countries. In general, I can proxy items from popular sites such as TaoBao, Yahoo! Auctions Japan, and 1688. In some circumstances, I may be unable to proxy a particular item due to local laws and regulations, or items that are typically banned from import into your country of residence or illegal to export. Examples may include, but are not limited to lithium batteries, knives, and ammunition. Any of these items would need to be taken on a case by case basis. I charge the following fees:
  • Flat 10% rate for all items (minimum $10 charge).
  • Shipping will be exact value as calculated on the domestic shipping sites.
  • Some items which are difficult to ship may require extra fees from customs, myself, or other intermediate parties.

I am generally very flexible with payment types. I try to be fair with fees since I already charge fees for the items. You may use any of the following in almost all cases. Exceptions may apply.
  • Bank transfer / SEPA: This is the cheapest method. A flat fee of 1% will apply. You must pay the transfer fees on your end, otherwise I may request more funds in order to cover the fees. I can accept most currencies including USD, JPY, EUR, GBP, CNY, and others.
  • PayPal: This is the easiest method. I charge PayPal's standard business fees of 4.4%.
  • Western Union: Somewhat cheaper than PayPal, but WU charges fees on the sender's end which may cost you more. You'll have to check on WU's website to see what your final cost will be. You may not transfer to my bank accounts with WU, as I will not receive the payment and you will have to contact WU to retrieve and then cancel the send. There is a flat rate of 2% on all WU transactions.
  • Money Order: This is the slowest, most painful, and most expensive method. I do not recommend it. If you live the United States, you may send me a USPS money order. A flat rate of 10% will be levied against this payment method since I must spend time to verify the legitimacy of the money order and so it will take time before the proxying process can continue. This may delay your order by up to two weeks.
I proxy anything including keyboards (キーボード / 鍵盤), from both Japan (日本) and China (中國). For more information, you may visit my dedicated webpage here:

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