Author Topic: SA Keycap ideas, how do I get started?  (Read 1408 times)

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SA Keycap ideas, how do I get started?
« on: Sun, 26 August 2018, 07:42:48 »
Hello, everyone, it is FLawLesS ,

I wanna make my own custom theme color SA keycaps and maybe even manufacture it so other people who likes it as well & maybe want to group buy.

I don't know how people render those pics with keycaps and keyboards & I don't know how people manufacture those keycaps they come up with themselves :)

So if someone who is good at picture rendering or know links where I can learn myself just let me know and how to make my idea become true and share it with you guys!

I just wanna do it because I find it fun and maybe I can provide the community with some new cool keycaps themes  :D

Have a great day all!  :thumb: