Author Topic: Hey, have you seen this? (Chyros's studio tour)  (Read 4366 times)

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Hey, have you seen this? (Chyros's studio tour)
« on: Wed, 05 September 2018, 22:58:13 »
Speaking of reviews, have you guys seen this?:

Studio tour, how I make videos, upcoming Q&A!


It's Chyros giving a tour of his home keeb review studio! Okay, he posted it, like, nearly two years ago, but I missed it and maybe some of you did too.

The screenshot is from where he yells %!, around 6:10. I like how the combination of his smooth pate and tantrum-y expression create the illusion of an unusually large and possibly dangerous baby.
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Re: Hey, have you seen this? (Chyros's studio tour)
« Reply #1 on: Fri, 05 October 2018, 13:41:42 »
I have that tshirt