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Hi there
« on: Fri, 07 September 2018, 01:01:23 »
I am from India but now live in Australia.

I recently researching on keyboards after figuring out that my keyboard (Apple Magic wireless) is not letting me type as fast as I can. I don't game at all.

I tried these boards:

Topre Realforce 87U variable weight - Found myself applying more force to press than I would like to.

Kinesis Advantage 2 - Found pressing the symbols (I do a lot of coding) difficult and cumbersome. These are my exact thoughts.

Code keyboard with MX Clears - This was ok.

Das Keyboard 4 for Mac with Cherry MX Blue switches - This was ok.

Havit HV-KB390L with Kailh blues - Liked the low profile and it felt better.

Finally concluded that I prefer scissor type low-travel chiclet type of keyboards which require v. low force to actuate (spoilt by Apple's keyboards for years perhaps?) and ordered a Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop. Waiting for this to arrive.

If I were to try another mechanical keyboard, it will be one with Gateron Clears as they only need 35g force apparently. But not much choice in the market with these switches.