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Vancouver MK Meetup -- October 21 2018
« on: Sat, 08 September 2018, 16:43:22 »
It's about time for round two.


Registration is officially open for the second Vancouver Meetup! We certainly learned a lot last time, and a ton of improvements have been made. Full details here.

Whether your obsession has left your life in shambles, or you're new to this financially perilous hobby and want to see what it's all about: you're welcome to attend!

I'm very excited to be organizing again. There's plenty of meetup swag and freebies in the works in addition to the classic giveaway. I'm taking your suggestions for activities and contests to heart— my goal is to make this meetup even better than the last! Based on the IC it looks like there will be around a hundred guests. Come say hi in our channel in the Canadian MK Discord if you haven't already.

Thanks for all the support and enthusiasm!

Can't wait to see you there ;D


Date & Time:

 - October 21, 1:00pm - roughly 4:00pm

 - A gallery at 1659 Venables St. V5Y 3P1
 - Free parking, or take the 20 north from Commercial-Broadway Station.
 - Inexpensive Airbnbs within walking distance.


 - Keybai
 - Primecaps
 - ZealPC
 - PekTech
 - Signature Plastics
 - Please contact me if you'd like to sponsor.

 - Buying and selling allowed!
 - Keyboard Inventory. You'll get a link to submit items when you register.
 - Vendor Area.

 - Get tickets here!
 - Funding goes toward the venue, activities, prizes, meetup specific items, cheetos, refreshments, etc.



Previous Meetup:

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Re: Vancouver MK Meetup -- October 21 2018
« Reply #1 on: Sat, 08 September 2018, 21:11:48 »
Bought early bird and signed up for volunteer, can't wait to see everyone again!  :thumb:
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Re: Vancouver MK Meetup -- October 21 2018
« Reply #2 on: Wed, 03 October 2018, 22:37:23 »
Just a heads up: Early Bird tickets will be unavailable in 2 days.