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Vamilo VB87M
« on: Sun, 16 September 2018, 11:14:36 »
I recently got a used VB87M and I'm loving the feel of it (it's my first mechanical keyboard). The problem I'm having is connecting it when I turn my computer on or wake it from sleep. It's a Bluetooth keyboard which is also a first for me so I don't know if that's why I'm having problems or because of the keyboard specifically.
When I turn the computer on, it will say the keyboard is connected but it won't respond. I'll have to "forget" the device and then re-pair it every time to get it to connect. Once it's connected, I don't generally have any problems.
Is that normal for a Bluetooth keyboard or is it just mine? If anyone has any suggestions, they'd be greatly appreciated - I've gone through every/device setting I can find but still no luck.