Author Topic: Help find correct HP-HiL keyboard  (Read 466 times)

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Help find correct HP-HiL keyboard
« on: Fri, 21 September 2018, 06:29:02 »
When I was a student in 1990 we had HP 700 workstations (99MHz IIRC) with HP keyboards that connected with HP-HiL as far as I remember.

I am trying to find out which keyboard that would have been - HP has a gazillion models it seems. I have a similar one myself that uses PS/2, but, crucially, it has hard plastic keys.
The keys I used back then were decidedly rubber-like and would ever so slightly move around along with your fingers as the friction/stickiness was high. On the HP kb I have my fingers just glide over them.

Does anyone know what the model number is that matches my description? That was a keyboard I hated when I first tried it, but somehow I couldn't imagine anything better after having used it for a while...
(Oh, and are there any HP-HiL to PS/2 or USB adapters so I can use one with my pc?)