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Hello from Toronto
« on: Mon, 08 October 2018, 19:45:42 »
Hi everyone, I'm 28 and from Toronto, Ontario. I'm not a gamer but I have an office job that involves a lot of typing, so I just started seriously getting into keyboards recently, and discovered this forum even more recently. I love quick, snappy keys with lots of tactile feedback, so I'm a fan of the IBM ThinkPad keyboard and (gasp) the old Dell OptiPlex "podule" keyboards - yep, the ones with the infamous rattle :eek:

I also really like the ergonomic layout of Microsoft Natural keyboards, but I'm sick of the membranes wearing out, and the pad printing wearing off the keys, so I'm planning to build my own keyboard with mechanical keys and quality keycaps. The challenge is picking the right switches though, as I haven't found any that I really like yet. To summarize my experiences so far, here's what I posted in another thread:

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Re: Hello from Toronto
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