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Handmade Keycap - Totoro MoonKey
« on: Fri, 12 October 2018, 10:41:30 »

Totoro's album :
When I was a child, I felt in love with the Little White Totoro character in My Neighbor Totoro, a Japanese animation movie. He is a cute and amazing figure that burns in to my mind.
That is why I want to make Little White Totoro keycaps. I hope this keycap would bring lovely memory about that sweet animated film.

All parts of the keycap, from mushroom to the leaves, are meticulously and elaborately made by hand with love, At Moonkey, we are committed to bring the best to all our products.


Manufactor: Moonkey

Material: Resin and clay


Row 1/Esc row

Compatible with Cherry MX  and cross switches

Heigh: 16mm

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