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Roccat Kone Pure, Tapping, mouse for specific game
« on: Thu, 25 October 2018, 15:18:35 »
I am making this post because just for one game I bought 3 mice which cost me a lot of money, so I really want to be sure before my future purchase.

Hi, I am playing a game (gunz) for many years, this game requires me to tap my left and right mouse keys at 240 bpm, sometimes more sometimes less.
For some reasons with some mice I can tap and all my actions registers perfectly and with some not.
For example, my friend has Roccat Kone Pure Core Performance and when I am at his house I always play the game for 10 minutes because I always perform the best, I tried to investigate myself why this mouse is so good for my specific use but I couldn't find the answer, no idea what are the switches and even so I used Deathadder Elite once which was somewhat good, at least better than my G303 which is IMPOSSIBLE to tap on even that it has really sensitive keys.

I started with Deathadder at 2013 which was terrible, than used wireless Microsoft which gave me somewhat good performance in game, then switched to G303 which is not good for my use and then tried Deathadder Elite  which was better than all the former ones. Lastly Roccat Kone Pure Core Performance gave me the best performance/experience.
*I even know about a mouse named knup kp-v2 which is made in Brazil that gives really good performance in my game.

My timing is really good, I have lots of years of practice and I even changed timing between mice and it didn't help only a certain mouse gave me good performance, I did many tries and practice for months with the different mice I mentioned.

So first of all, if someone would know why Roccat Kone Pure Core Performance gives me the best experience, and if I should buy it or other mouse or any suggestion.

If you can't answer my question which is really reasonable I would like to know that, if I will buy Roccat Kone Pure Core Performance do I have a guarantee that it will feel the same? BECAUSE the wireless microsoft mouse 1000 I bought back then was because I used an other microsoft wireless mouse 1000 from a Microsoft Wireless Desktop 800 but the one I bought was really bad compared to the one from the 800 pack, the 1000 from the 800 pack was really soft and the right click button was soft and easy to tap on which was really easy to tap on (not as good as the Roccat Kone Pure Core Performance, but still)

Now if the answer to the question above is yes so if I can't get the Roccat Kone Pure Core Performance because I have the SE and Owl Eye in my area, will it give me the same experience as the Roccat Kone Pure Core Performance?