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Jgodinez302: MX Switch Patch Redux (CLOSED)
« on: Tue, 30 October 2018, 16:03:51 »
Back by moderate demand is a re-imagining of the classic MX Swtich Patch (with a twist)!

These patches are Intended to be customized! The switch stem was specifically embroidered white so the patch can be made into to any color of your choosing with a a dye pen or sharpie!
Black, Red, Green, Grey, Blue, Purple, Yellow, or left white... you choose what you want to represent :D


MX Patch:
3D-angled view of a classic MX Switch (black housing w/ white stem)
100% Fully embroidered featuring various shades of Black, Grey, Silver, and White thread
4" x  4"
Iron-On backing (can also be sewn)
Hot-Cut Edges

$11 USD each shipped CONUS
(+$1.25 USD each for International shipping)
*additional shipping costs may occur for orders of 3+ due to weight & envelope restrictions

-Orders will be invoiced  within 3-5 business days of form submission (while supplies last)
-Invoices older than 24 hours will be cancelled in order to free stock for other orders
-Orders will be shipped within 3-5 business days of payment receipt
-Orders of 2 (or less)  will be shipped in a standard letter sized envelope (no tracking)
-Orders of 3 (or more) will be shipped in a small bubble mailer w/ tracking

*Products can have slight variations/defects as embroidery isn't an exact science. However the best product possible will be sent out :)

*Warning: using sharpie to color patches may result in color fading with washing, dye recommended.

This sale is FCFS as stock permits. As with my previous patches, these are limited and once stock is sold out, this design will be retired.

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