Author Topic: Customize the Goldtouch V2 (GTU-0088) to remap the left spacebar to backspace?  (Read 3207 times)

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Hey everyone,

I've been using the Goldtouch V2 (GTU-0088) keyboard as my main driver at work and so far it's the only one that's helped with my RSI issues. One feature I've really liked from other ergo keyboards I'm tried is a split spacebar and the ability to remap the left spacebar to the backspace key (keeping the right one as-is).

I'm worried this isn't possible with this keyboard, but if it were it'd come close to my perfect piece. Does anyone happen to know? Could I reprogram it natively or is the firmware programmable? And if no, how difficult would it be to open the thing up and mess with the wiring such that that left spacebar sends a different code than the right.

Any info is very much appreciated  :)

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Here is my understanding of how keyboards work. When a key is pressed, the controller only knows its (column, row) coordinates. It's the controller's job to translate the coordinates into a scan code and sends the scan code to the computer. The (column, row) of the left space bar is mapped to space bar so there is no other way of changing it to some other key besides changing the mapping in the controller, which means to reprogram the firmware in the controller. I own a Goldtouch v2 but so far I haven't read anything about it being reprogrammable. :(  I'd like to make the same change if it's doable.
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