Author Topic: Now sort of good size for Embody, it is great.  (Read 2935 times)

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Now sort of good size for Embody, it is great.
« on: Mon, 05 November 2018, 22:39:08 »
As many know I am almost 8 feet tall. Not kidding. However I was still obese. I lost 60LB. Now in maximum position my body is no longer jammed in the arm rests. Now that I am sort of the right size, weight at least. It feels 10 times as good as it did before. It was already nice. I suggest if you are looking, and this in your budget to look at it first. Steel case body built ETC not as good IMO. The chair is seemingly devoid of controls. The reason being it adjusts all automatically. Even with lack of controls the chair is probably the most complex on market. Did not even fail way over weight limit. Hardly anyone has a cast base anymore either. No rattles creaks, no issues. Have had one or other Embody since introduced. I had an Eames lounge but not nearly as good for coding. I really like it but YMMV. I fully understand the price but it is by no means the cheapest chair either. Aeron cannot compare IMO. Digs into my bottom leg on frame.
I feel if you must it is fine to purchase used. Only a gorilla would break it. I am nearly a gorilla lol. Not an advertisement I just like it.