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Help programming Vortex Core
« on: Thu, 06 December 2018, 09:15:26 »
Hello to everyone,

I have been looking all over for some help on programming the keyboard and I cannot find any answers on the subject. I have contacted Vortex even twice with no responses. I am wanting to reprogram some keys around. I have been trying on their MPC software for a few hours and cannot figure it out.  I don't even know if what I'm attempting to do is even possible. Could someone here please send by some help.

Here is the layout change I am wanting to do (last two is what I'm not sure if they are possible)

Change the Fn1 key to the left space bar
Move the enter key to the the Fn1 spot.
Program the R shift to act like Fn1 + R shift so I only have to press the R shift for the green symbols
Move the R shift to the R Alt location while still being macro as Fn1 + R shift
And the tricky parts:
I want to now move to the  ' and " symbols to the enter key but I want to access them both without the use of Fn keys just like the ; : key is done on the Vortex.
The last move is the same concept, I want to move to the right shift bar / and ? both accessible by using the L shift and not any Fn key.

I do a lot of typing and I hate the placement of not just the Fn1 key but also how each symbol is placed with a different Fn layer. This way more of my common keys are mimicking an fuller sized keyboard while the Fn, Fn1, and R shift (macro for green symbols) is all along the bottom row where the thumb can be used by my two thumbs.

Can this be done? If not what is the best rated 40% keyboard that is fully programmable, not super hard to program, comes with high grade keycaps or has is compatible for them, has an aluminum base, and a through instruction to put together. I have never built a board which is why the Vortex Core seems like the best choice for the money, time, and my complete lack of knowledge in the subject but I am now finding the layout, though well thought out by the company, unpleasing to me when typing.

Thanks to everyone for the help,


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Re: Help programming Vortex Core
« Reply #1 on: Fri, 07 December 2018, 01:45:27 »

This is the website to generate keymaps allowing to modify all keys but I don't know how to use since my keyboard (Pok3r) is not supported yet.

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Re: Help programming Vortex Core
« Reply #2 on: Sat, 08 December 2018, 17:33:16 »
Does anyone know how to use this program? I am so confused. I cannot find any information on this at all when searching except how to extract your custom folder to the device itself. I can't even figure out to get down to the red FN1 and blue FN layers through this MPC program. I also cannot figure out how to do the more complicated changes such as changing the shift bar into / with ? being accessed by holding shift like a normal keyboard. Can anyone even tell me if it is possible to move a red or blue layer onto keys that do not have one to start with? Example the layout of the Vortex core R shift has no layers besides a non-changeable, blue layer, so can I add a red function layer or green one to it?