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Help with new keycaps
« on: Tue, 01 January 2019, 22:53:13 »
What's going on guys, just got in on the MiTo MT3 Godspeed Custom set on massdrop but only ordered the novelty and space race sets. I was wondering if I wanted to fill a 60% where I could find the equivalent to their "alphas" listed. I know these are custom so I don't want to get the wrong size or anything. All help would be much appreciated and thank you in advance!

Heres the link:

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Re: Help with new keycaps
« Reply #1 on: Thu, 03 January 2019, 08:50:16 »
Uhm. I believe the only MT3 set thats around would be the /dev/tty1 one. And you are only available to get it on the aftermarket e.g. r/mechmarket or the classifieds section.

If it was Cherry profile it wouldn't have been much of a problem but MT3 is still pretty rare nowadays.