Author Topic: Advice wanted on Building a TLK UK Keyboard & Add on Keypad with Gaterons  (Read 381 times)

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Before I start I just want to explain that I have been a member since 2011 and took part in most of the first Groupbuys.  I have been using various boards during the years but my daily grind is still a full UK Filco with Cherry Browns.  Just very recently I took delivery of the new Rama Works M6-B which I really like.  It is using the Aliaz Silent Tactiles 60g switches and I would love to build an entire KB from them.  The M6-B has wet my appetite again and I would like to build excatly what I want.  I just do not know if this is possible.

This time around I want to build a UK spec TKL board in standard layout and if possible a matched keypad to go along with it.  I would like to fit the Gateron Silent Tactiles 60g for most of the board and maybe some other switch types for other areas.  Lack of RGB is not a deal breaker but it might be nice to have the option when going to the trouble. Under-lighting would be nice to have.  I don't mind the cost and would prefer a really good quality housing, solid maybe milled brass or alu.

I have searched and read a lot already but am not finding anything directly related to my intentions, which is why I am asking for some guidance from the community. 

Please reply if you have any experience and or links that might get be pointing in the right direction.

Thank you in advance.

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