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Hi everyone,

I have been getting some messages asking about the Melody65 GB. I know it has been a long time, but we have experienced a lot of issues with the software and the rest. We have finally got the design to slowly come along, and with some minor changes in the next week or two we should be ready to show the renders, and hopefully get samples made.

Update for Case -

Updated for PCB - The PCB is going to be based around KBDfans KBD65, it will be using all the same stuff, except - it will have per key RGB, it will be black with some other aesthetic changes, there will be a hot-swap option available (including an ISO hot-swap), and the USB-C port will be connected with a daughter board.

Update for Group Buy - We have decided for KBDfans to manufacture this case and PCB, they will also take care of the Quality Control, after-sale service and the rest.

So, I'm sorry for the wait but we are trying our best to bring this to you as soon as possible.
Thanks, Dion

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Any more info about the board as it currently stands?

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YMDK and KBDFans are my favorite sellers in China right now. You guys rock.

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Any more info about the board as it currently stands?
do you have any questions in particular
basically we are just trying to get the design finished to the best of our ability (making sure its perfect), and everything else is sorted, manufacturer for the packaging, the board, PCB, colors. So as soon as the design is done, it should be a smooth process to get it ready for the GB
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ISO hot swap 65% with acrylic case finally be real? any date on when it will be available? cant wait :)

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Any news from you guys regarding the keyboard?

At the more experienced folk here, is a IC to prototype timeline from roughly 4 months something to be worried about? I desperately want this keeb but with options like the NK65 available I am losing hope and patience

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design will be finished very soon (hopefully i will be able to share renders/more info by the end of this week), hold tight  :D
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I'm interested in seeing more pictures. Hope to see more soon.