Author Topic: The best HHKB key mapping for EMACS on OSX  (Read 1327 times)

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The best HHKB key mapping for EMACS on OSX
« on: Mon, 25 February 2019, 18:54:09 »
Hi all,

I joined today to ask about key mapping for emacs. I'm using HHKB2 on OSX and Ubuntu.
I'm currently using vi editor now, and I want to learn emacs for programming(python, c, c++).
In fact, I've only learned a few key for control on emacs, but I think it's a bit inconvenient to press the Alt key.
Anyone, who use meta-keys instead of alt-key? If not, why not use meta-keys as an alt-key?
Even in emacs, M means meta. Please recommend the HHKB keyboard mapping for EMACS on OSX

I'm emacs newbie.
Thank you for reading my beginner question.

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