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Monterey blue switches mini sale
« on: Sat, 02 March 2019, 15:17:28 »
The monterey sale is finally here!

Fill out the google form to order:

Due to the limited number of switches this sale will be first come first serve, when you have received the invoice you will have two days (48 hours) to pay the invoice otherwise the switches will be sold to the person next in line.

Unfortunately I cant set a limit on the google form, as such even though you may have ordered a certain number of switches they may already have been reserved by someone else, in this case I will send you a PM where you can either choose to: 1. order less switches, 2. Be put in the que or 3. cancel your order.

I will modify the google form regularly to attempt and mitigate these issues, but it may not be fully possible. The form will be closed once most of the switches have been ordered. I am happy to arrange for people who want to buy a few switches for collections/switch testers, if you are one of these people write a post here or pm me once the form has been closed.


1.20 per switch (at cost + a bit for the materials I used in desoldering) x299

15 for a full set of stabilizers x2

7 for a full set of stabilizers, with a damaged space bar stab x1 (I am willing to split this if there are a few ortho users with 2U spacebars)

10   101 pad-printed keycaps x1

free 101 pad printed key caps, with a damaged ]} key (for whoever orders the most switches)

I'll handle the paypal fee, shipping varies depending on region:

5 euros flat in germany

10 euros flat in EU

15 euros for North America

(posting it here cause it might not count as a GB)
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