Author Topic: 1u modifiers w/ shine-through?  (Read 992 times)

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1u modifiers w/ shine-through?
« on: Sun, 03 March 2019, 10:08:40 »
So I can find plenty of keycaps with shine-through for RBG lighting, and I can find a couple ortholinear keycap sets with 1u modifier keys, but are there any shine-through 1u modifiers? Obviously there's the option of just getting random design shine-through 1u keys (but since this will be a whole new design keyboard for me, even though I'll presumably keep those keys mostly in their regular locations, I will likely get thrown off a little at first by the whole size difference thing so it'll just add to confusion), or forgoing the light on those keys and just getting a regular set of solid 1u modifiers, but then they might totally clash both in color and style (not sure yet what set I'd like to go with for the main keys, so it's possible I could find one I like that doesn't clash too horribly, but...). Does anyone know of any that fit the bill?

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Re: 1u modifiers w/ shine-through?
« Reply #1 on: Sat, 23 March 2019, 15:12:50 »
Me again. I have some transparent DSA's and some DSA's that have a transparent circle :

Novelties are also for sale but some of them are gone. (these are gone :