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Custom atomic keyboard
« on: Sat, 16 March 2019, 05:36:30 »

Hello everybody! After been built for around two years, my custom keyboard is finally done and good to share. I apologize for my bad english in advance, and have already posted it on various other places as well but thought that you'd like to see it too. :)

About the board:
The layout is homemade to have the programming symbols accessable without fn-layers (on a swedish keyboard, stuff like [ and ] is hidden under ctrl+alt, making it hard to type without moving the hands out of position). A numpad is hidden in the "lower"-layer, straigt under the right hand. I also run dworak, but switched after I had got the printed keycaps so they are still qwerty.

The hardware is (mostly) ergo clears, because browns was out of stock by the point of ordering everything. The caps are custom printed at wasdkeyboards to fit the layout. The matrix is hand-soldered (as you can see) and it has removable usb cable.

The case is also homemade in oak. I made two different sizes of wrist rests as I didn't know which would fit me best and after testing them I think the larger one feels better but the smaller is looking better. Both the case and the rests has neodym-magnets in them, making the rest snap in position and following the board if it's moved. Lovely!

I also sewed a felt case to it. The rests donesn't fit into it unfortunately, but I'll make a new one for one of them so it donesn't get damaged as I bring it to school.

The overall impression of it is "quite good", but not as perfect as I would like it. I've ordered new caps to test DSA profile but I would gess that I can't resist buying an ergodox sometime in the future.

I hope you'll like it


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Re: Custom atomic keyboard
« Reply #1 on: Mon, 18 March 2019, 14:38:40 »
Looks amazing.