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[IC] Artisan Keycap | The ErrorGirls
« on: Mon, 05 December 2022, 13:03:37 »

In the world of the Internet, we are the misfit.
Unfit with anything in our world.
Because we're like no one, we're unique.
We're just someone's errors, but that doesn't mean we're faulty.
Granted with different powers, we have the ability to do whatever we want.

I mean, anything we want!

Introducing the first artwork of Vietnamese - LOLICAPS, with The ErrorGirls.

Just like handcrafted keycaps, every piece is unique even the ones with errors. LOLICAPS believes that everyone is also faulty to someone else and that makes us special in our own way.

With the ErrorGirls, LOLICAPS x ICONLABS will take you through a journey of exploring the whole hidden Wasted Lands of the Internet, where many challenges will come and where they are challenges, there are rewards. So stay tuned with us!


=== GIVEAWAY ===
(Will be updated frequently)
Currently happening: TBU here

Link: To be updated
Timing: Dec 12th - Dec 19th

=== ErrorGirls Keycaps ===
First release: 3 colorways + 1 blindbox

=== SPECS ===
- Compatible With Cherry MX Switches & Clones
- Resin cast

=== Shipping ===
From 20 - 30 days via USPS for US Market
Other locations take at most 60 days
Products are available and will take 72 hours to handle before shipping out

=== About IconlabsOfficial® ===

We're a lab for artisans to flex their masterpieces to the world and to the people who truly admire them.

More about us:
Join our Discord:

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Thank you!
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