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Keyboards / Re: Favorite light tactile
« Last post by HungerMechanic on Tue, 24 May 2022, 23:10:57 »
Some may scoff at me, but my favorite is Cherry Brown.  It must be lubed however and I swapped the Springs for Sprit 62g springs- the resistance, bump, and sound is perfect for me.

I now have a hotswap board so I can more easily try new switches and am itching to do so.  What kind of LIGHT tactile are people liking at the moment.

You seem to prefer tactiles that are slightly heavier than MX Brown [e.g. 62 G Ergo Browns, Durock Light Tactile].

People have already listed some tactiles worth trying [e.g. SP Star Meteor Orange / Duck], so I won't go over those.

Some 'heavier / stiffer Browns' are:

-TTC Watermelon Milkshake [feels like a Brown with a heavier spring, I like to replace it with a 63.5 - 65 G Progressive spring]

-Kailh Pro Purple [lube it with 3204, and for an interesting variant try a 63.5 G Spirit spring]

-Gateron CAP Brown [this is a factory-lubed Brown using Gateron's new CAP architecture. Supposed to utilize lube better or something. Non-standard stem and spring. They are already lubed, although they benefit from lube in the leaf area].


There's also a category I like to call 'light-medium.' They are more tactile than MX Brown, but perhaps less tactile than a 67 G, barely-lubed Ergo Clear or 65 G Durock Medium Tactile.

-Everglide Jade Green. [Not well-known. They need heavy lube, 3204, especially in the leaf-area. And they need to be filmed, for sure. But once you do that, it is like a top-mounted, slightly heavier Brown. You might particularly enjoy it with a 62 G Spirit spring, which I have tested].

-Zealio V1 Redux. [They are finally back! Bone-dry from the factory. You need to at least lube the stem with 3204 or 205g0, or get creative and selective (better results). Surprisingly-good with 60 G TX 14mm springs. It's like a secret recipe.]

-You could almost call the Dragonfruit a light-medium. It feels like it's on the lighter end of the Durock Medium Tactile variants. Desperately needs lube, and probably films if they help. At least lube the spring. Benefits from OUTEMU tight-tops, which reduce some of its problems.]


In terms of medium-tactiles, there are almost too many to list. Ergo Clears could count here, although I build mine as light-medium.

-Durock Medium Tactile has many variants. Mode Signal is one of the lighter ones. Penguins are the same weight, but there many be subtle differences in how the stem interacts with the leaf. Comes unlubed, so you have to lube it. You can put an MX Clear stem in the Penguin housing, lube only the legs, and get away with 60 G springs. Taro Ball are nice, but they are a little heavier. Durock Cerulean is supposed to be one of the closest to a traditional Ergo Clear. Don't know if that's true.

-Naevies are relatively new, with the Naevy 1.5 being the current offering. They are supposed to be a factory Ergo Clear, using different materials. Looking at the spring weight, though, they might be a light-medium. They might, in fact, be lighter than Durock Light Tactile.

-SP Star Magic Girl is a medium tactile that has its adherents.

-TTC Pale Blue is something every tactile enthusiast should try. It's a crisp, medium tactile on the higher end. Not MX Brown-shaped, it's more 'traditional' if you ask me. Like something you'd expect from a 1970s keyboard.

-SP Star Purple is like a slightly toned-down T1, I think. Smoother and better-sounding stock.

-The Huano Banana might be the aforementioned Ajazz Banana. It is definitely a fun switch. It's like someone bred an MX Blue with an Ergo Clear. A very snappy Brown-like tactile.

-AKKO CS Sponge is similarly a snappy medium tactile.


Then there's silent tactiles. You probably already know about Zilents and U4 Boba, which are heavy-tactiles.

But there are also some silent light tactiles. And I don't just mean Gateron Silent Brown.

There's Aliaz, which is the least-tactile of all. They don't need lube. But the springs are terrible and should be replaced with lubed TX. The 14mm 65 G is a good weight.

Silent Sky / Forest was meant to be a silent Ergo Clear, and it's about the same intensity. Put the stems [which you can buy separately] into Cherry or TTC Brown housings for low tactility, or Huano Banana / AKKO CS Sponge for more tactility. Or Boba housings for max. tactility].

Kailh Silent Grey is apparently something that is real, and I know that OUTEMU has a silent grey for sure.

Now there is something called OUTEMU Silent Lemon, which is really cheap. You might be able to get away just lubing the spring, but I hear people also lube the leafs and stem rails.

Kailh makes a BOX Silent Brown, which is like a Zilent V2 in tactile shape, but not quite as intense. Cheaper, too. If they are too tactile for you, just put the stems in a BOX cream housing.


So those are some light and medium tactiles to try, in addition to what others have already written.

If you like, I can also give you recipes for frankenswitches.

On the other end of the spectrum, the least tactile switch I have tried is the KTT Mallo. They need lube on the springs and leaf area at a bare minimum, to reduce noise [they are smooth stock]. Very cheap.

There is also something called an AULA "Matcha Shaft" that is $23 for 110, said to be like MX Brown or a light-tactile. [From AliExpress]. Gateron Orange is also very low in tactility, as I think it is a factory-lubed Gateron Brown. Uneven, though.

I'm set to receive some KTT Matcha, said to be a medium-tactile that is highly-regarded in some quarters.
Off Topic / Re: Yumi Nu
« Last post by CaesarAZealad on Tue, 24 May 2022, 23:10:04 »
No, your question is bait.

Show Image

Ok I gotta ask, what is that weird onion thing that you use all the time?

Kitting adjusted due to feedback. RGBY GMK and DCS color codes have been listed.


- Added R5 key support.
- Added icon-only modifiers.
- All colors are listed. Entirely stock GMK and SP colors. This should help keep cost low.

I want everyone who wants RGBY accents to be able to have them without issues. Please continue providing constructive feedback so I can further improve this product.
(WYSE legends are still being considered!)

Thanks to everyone who took time to view my IC, and especially those who filled out the IC form.
Input Devices / Re: Best trackball for person with arthritis
« Last post by AlphaStudios on Tue, 24 May 2022, 22:23:57 »
That RED ball - reminds me of HAL

Input Devices / Re: Best trackball for person with arthritis
« Last post by Stupidface on Tue, 24 May 2022, 22:17:52 »
I agree the Kensington looks like it might do the trick!!

After you've found something you like and your sister has used it for while, can you please post back and tell us about it?  I understand it may be some time before you do find something you like, but I ask because this particular thread might be of interest to others in the future.

- Many thanks for the well reasoned inputs.

You are welcome.  I have a chum who has been recently diagnosed with arthritis, so all of this is of interest to me, too.

Before I forget, there is something else your sister may want to take a look at: compression gloves.

* Handeze pic.webp (9.51 kB - downloaded 1 times.)

These are tight-fitting gloves made of Lycra.  By helping your hands stay warm, and offering slight compression, the manufacturers claim they are of benefit to arthritis sufferers.  You can judge for yourself whether this is true or not. 

However, as a non-arthritis sufferer, I do find they help to keep my hands warm whilst typing.  At US$20 a pair for the Original model, I think the price is quite reasonable given both the comfort they offer and the build quality (the gloves are made in the US). 

(Handeze makes a couple of other models, so if this sounds of interest, you'll want to have a look at those, too, before you take the plunge.)

eBay does offer many somewhat similar compression gloves for much less money.  I have tried one or two of the cut-rate models, but favour the Handeze gloves because I do not like the feeling of fabric on my fingers.  The inexpensive gloves found on eBay cost less, but a lot of them have 1/4 to 3/4 length fingers, which I do not find comfortable.

(Not to mention the naff build quality of some of the gloves.  Bleugh...)

Anyway, you get the idea.  I cannot say for certain whether your sister would find these gloves to be of any benefit, but they might be worth a look.

Keyboards / Re: Is anyone interested in this layout
« Last post by TheWonderBubble on Tue, 24 May 2022, 21:55:16 »
How it would compare with Preonic?

5x12 ortho with a 2u center spacebar, it's literally the same layout.  :))
does this also come with the rounded spacebars like other dmk sets??
This space is the circular space bar of dmk. It may be that the blue color is not very clear. We are re rendering the real color card, and give the matching display effect of different matching columns, which will bring more kit. Probably this weekend.
love the combo with the deskmats. great stuff!
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] GMK Gruvbox
« Last post by pathfinder on Tue, 24 May 2022, 21:22:14 »
This set turned me onto gruvbox, now I'm using it for all my VIM stuff  :thumb:
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] Ex Idol - [TKL] Next generation mounting method
« Last post by Lil on Tue, 24 May 2022, 21:15:25 »
So since the 'leafs' are kinda dangling out, we're pretty much screwed if they end up getting bent or something like that during shipping, falling at the wrong angle, etc. etc. etc right?

And it seems like a material like pom for the plate would simply not work since it's too flexible?

The chances of dropping a plate and damaging it is far lower than the risk of dropping an entire keyboard and denting it. Not sure what else needs to be said with that, maybe you think the average keyboard case design needs to be adapted so it's much more resistant to dropping? Different plate materials are probably possible, depending on the minimum thickness allowable. It might be better to create one intended experience rather than enable several sub par options though... I guess that's something to test in the next prototyping round
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