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Group Buys and Preorders / Re: [GB] GMK Necro | Available on
« Last post by jessica on Mon, 19 November 2018, 15:27:35 »
Hello everyone,

I recieved my set, but got it only a bit before I had to leave for work. I have some pics of the set to share once I'm home (10:30 PST, approximately),

And just to clarify, I was intended to get my set delivered to me on the 14th. However, I checked with FedEx (even called them on Friday to get the most up to date info) and there was a storm holding up incoming deliveries at their international hub in Memphis. I posted this before but I just want to reiterate that I was meant to have my set before everyone else, international shipping just held it up. Sorry for that, but that part is entirely out of my control.

So I'll just clarify the few things I'm seeing here
1. The set was made with all the approved colours, no manufacturing mixup
2. The blue tint of the modifiers comes out really strong in pictures, but in person it's definitely more mild. It's certianly not a dark navy blue colour

In the meantime, please everyone be nice to eachother :)

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Interest Checks / Re: [IC] Wasdat? A replacement controller for WASD TKL v2
« Last post by maartenwut on Mon, 19 November 2018, 15:16:14 »
Hey everyone,

The group buy starts on Sunday the 25th :D is the vendor for the EU, is the vendor for the US and all other regions can order from me directly using a Google Form. The price is less than 30 dollars too :thumb:

Have a great week!
Group Buys and Preorders / Re: [GB] GMK Modern Dolch
« Last post by avid on Mon, 19 November 2018, 15:07:21 »
Have people got MOQ refund from EU proxy?
Off Topic / Re: Hooked up an attic TV antenna..
« Last post by tp4tissue on Mon, 19 November 2018, 15:03:52 »
Ha... the commercials have gotten better..

Totes want to buy a Cop Cam. !!

only 2 easy payments of $19.99

Deluxe version available
Rush shipping available

Free 2x 8gb memory cards and clip
Group Buys and Preorders / Re: [GB] GMK Necro | Available on
« Last post by elfick on Mon, 19 November 2018, 14:59:31 »
This just simply isnít how keysets get made. There are no sets made prior to the entire production run.

Who said anything about having a whole set? You can approve colours without having the whole set. Blaming GMK for this is the cheap way out. If there was an issue it should have been highlighted in the thread, but nothing was ever mentioned about it. I doubt GMK made the final set anything besides what was agreed upon.
You should read the whole thread before you comment. If you have read the whole thread, you should go back and read it again. There was an issue and IT WAS HIGHLIGHTED IN THE THREAD. Color samples were done, signed off on. You don't think there's any chance of a manufacturing error?

I have read it, but since you can read so much better than me, please show me where and when the author says that the colors are  not according to what they decided upon. I'm not talking about samples being sent back and forth but the final one. If I was the creator I would have voiced my concerns in the thread. So far I've only seen white knights making those claims. Suddenly it's GMK's fault as if this is somehow the most advanced thing they've ever done. After Plum that is.
Wow. Just wow...
Firstly, the samples are all she has seen in person as per her post on the 15th, she hasn't yet received her set. so how would she voice concerns on something she hasn't seen yet?
Secondly, it's not "white knighting" to say we don't have enough information to draw a conclusion.
Thirdly, it's not inconceivable that there was a communication or manufacturing error. And it's not about complexity, humans make mistakes.

I think it's clear that a mistake has been made, but we don't have anyway of knowing by whom. Yes, it's speculation on my part to say that maybe GMK shot the mods with the wrong color, but it's not any more speculative than any other theory. Nor is it any less probable. The reason I think it's a plausible cause is this post by freespam:

For my $.02, I think the reason that the pics by Emir look so off from the renders is due to the contrast created by the alphas and the much darker than advertised mods. So I'm focusing on why the mods are so much darker than expected.
Group Buys and Preorders / Re: Rama Works M60-A [SHIPPING]
« Last post by ReverbSlush on Mon, 19 November 2018, 14:50:39 »
 here is mine:

build process was easy. using halo clears, zeal stabs (my box didn't come with stabs, but I was planning on using these anyway), Keyboard & Co. caps for now.

with the weight IT IS SO HEAVY

Group Buys and Preorders / Re: E7-V1 75% custom keyboard(In production)
« Last post by mikenogo on Mon, 19 November 2018, 14:50:17 »
If anyone else willing to let go of their spots let me know!
geekhack Media / Re: Post your Topre Keyboard
« Last post by menuhin on Mon, 19 November 2018, 14:49:01 »
Miyoshi Corp. x Realforce - 108SCK
Miyoshi is a Japanese peripherals manufacturer who worked with Topre to design and release a keyboard for professional excel usage. Shortcuts are dyesubbed onto the front of most keycaps.

(Attachment Link)
(Attachment Link)
(Attachment Link)
(Attachment Link)
(Attachment Link)
(Attachment Link)
(Attachment Link)
(Attachment Link)

Wow! Great dye-sub caps work on this Realforce!
Definitely interested
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] Reflex & Paradox - 60% by Windeh (Pre-GB IC Form - 18th Nov)
« Last post by macclack on Mon, 19 November 2018, 14:47:59 »
The more I look at this the more Iím realizing this is my ideal setup. I really hope Iím able to get in on the buy!
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