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Interest Checks / Re: [IC] Jessica's GMK Necro
« Last post by Brazzers on Tue, 25 July 2017, 11:36:39 »
Oops. My b
Off Topic / Re: Isn't it weird seeing GH posters on non-GH sites
« Last post by Input Nirvana on Tue, 25 July 2017, 11:33:26 »
Did you say hi?
Off Topic / Isn't it weird seeing GH posters on non-GH sites
« Last post by ppp on Tue, 25 July 2017, 11:32:23 »
I saw [name redacted] comment on a post on kotaku (?) about building mechanical keyboards. Was weird.
geekhack Media / Re: Post Your Bro Caps!
« Last post by rmendis on Tue, 25 July 2017, 11:28:18 »
Got this guy in the mail today. :eek

Sweet!! Grats!
geekhack Media / Re: Post Your Bro Caps!
« Last post by rmendis on Tue, 25 July 2017, 11:27:47 »
Haunted Azure and Expatriate.  :)

Show Image

Show Image

These are gorgeous!
New Members / Re: Finally :)
« Last post by ARCHIVE on Tue, 25 July 2017, 11:26:19 »
I got my Model F from a recycling center (the place you drop off unwanted electronics). I went in looking for an Esc keycap for my Model M, bought the keyboard with it missing. The guy came out with a Model F! Gave it to me for free. I cleaned it up. Looks cherry (very hot). I did make the mistake of removing the cork pads on the bottom. I still have them. May reattach once I get some rubber cement. Had no idea they were original. I just thought, what idiot puts these stick on pads on a keyboard, stupid office workers. I learned about the space bar from Chyrosran, who posts here and on YouTube, thankfully.

It's a bear to put the metal case back...and still 2-3 buttons are not exactly in place..maybe i will open it again someday to fix them :)
Off Topic / Re: Living Healthy is Depressing
« Last post by futurecrime on Tue, 25 July 2017, 11:24:17 »

Fair enough. It's funny cos I've got friends who would take anything but steer clear of weed cos it made them paranoid. Different strokes though eh. For me, weed can be a bit insidious because it's possible to smoke everyday and get on with your life and not think much of it, then you turn around in ten years and go oh **** maybe I should've done something more productive, whereas something like ketamine you'd just do once in a while, or at least just at weekends, so while it might be more pyschedelic in the moment, the long term impact is probably a lot smaller (this same logic is why I stopped drinking booze). Some people are really productive whilst stoned though, or at least able to control their habit, so each to their own. If I buy weed I smoke it at every opportunity until it's all gone.  :D
Yeah, I just enjoy it once in a great while.
I'm probably more of a cold-beer-on-a-hot-day type person.

I definitely know of people who function on weed, work wise too. People are so different it's amazing really.

The majority of pot heads I've dealt with --wurk side--  are generally good people,  but they have very little concentration and are almost always late.

The ones that do-work ok..  are coffee fiends ontop being of pothead..

So the Coffee provides them with a baseline high until they get their --fix-- later..

In the end,  It's not an extremely reliable cycle..

Pretty much same for alcohol I reckon. Functioning alcoholics, functioning potheads. Unfortunately, life is tough, and every evening is a small celebration that work is over for the day which turns into drowning your sorrows cos you've gotta go back in tomorrow.
Artisan Services / Re: Nightcaps: Poisoned Summer: Day 36
« Last post by braidn on Tue, 25 July 2017, 11:23:23 »
Hoping for topre

I would imagine we have seen the end of the Topre part of this sale. Although this makes me quite sad.
Keyboards / Re: 50$
« Last post by tp4tissue on Tue, 25 July 2017, 11:23:09 »
I've seen quickfire rapids go on sale ~$50
Off Topic / Re: What's Bothering You? (The thread about what is bothering you.)
« Last post by tp4tissue on Tue, 25 July 2017, 11:21:48 »
For some unknown reason the office has no water therefore no coffee is made.

I can't function like this.

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Glad I can function without coffee. When I want one I can just go grab one and not have to depend of getting it.

m0re coffee.. Delicious..

Tp4 drinks 500milliliters every day..
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