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Interest Checks / Re: [IC] DSA Penguin
« Last post by Twinguin on Mon, 26 September 2016, 15:42:33 »
I am a big fan of Rockhopper and Macaroni Penguins - but the colours for the Emperor Set got me!  :thumb:
Any plans for novelties? Or just go with a bunch of Tux keys?
Group Buys / Re: [GB] ZZ96 v2 r2 (US shipped sans extras, int'l sorting, v2.5 in-prog)
« Last post by Pieminister on Mon, 26 September 2016, 15:41:42 »
Just to let you guys know I am a 2.0 international buyer and I've just received my order (I received a tracking number last week).

Very excited to start building!!
Making Stuff Together! / Re: Epic's Adventure with Keycaps
« Last post by Epic on Mon, 26 September 2016, 15:39:14 »
Are you 3d printing the masters? I'm curious how you go from the 3d model to the master.

Also, how have you been doing the multi-shot eyes? do you just inject the eye color around the eyes, wait for it to cure, then finish casting the key?

These look great! Any word on that sale?

The masters are 3d printed. I found someone with a good 3d printer and had him print a master for me. Unfortunately, the stem did not turn out well in the 3d printing process so I had to 'transpose' a new stem by hand. I will try to document these steps in my next project.

For the multi-shot, I just pour resin into the eyes first (I use a toothpick). Once it has set (2-3 minutes), I pour the darker black resin to fill and the whole thing goes into the pressure pot.

The sale has been taking a lot longer than expected - I've had to shift focus to finding a job (preparing for technical interviews   :'() and I've given most of my first batch away. Will work on next batch of 18 (15 for sale, 3 for giveaway) in between job searching today and tomorrow. I will announce a giveaway next Tuesday and sale next Thursday. Thanks for being patient.

I have reverted back to original thin walls. They may be a bit thin for some, but thick walls will have to wait until my life settles down a bit - I'll post pictures so you know exactly what you're getting. After some feedback from GH chatrooms, current thick walls were not polished enough.
Classifieds / Re: [WTT/S] DSA Hyperfuse [WTTF/B] VE.A
« Last post by ernestwhj on Mon, 26 September 2016, 15:38:18 »
so how much can u buy a vea..
Making Stuff Together! / Re: Which is thw best connector style? (micro, mini, .... usb)
« Last post by snoopy on Mon, 26 September 2016, 15:38:00 »
Artisan Services / Re: KeyKollectiv Sales Thread: Snackeys: Fruit Reboot Incoming...
« Last post by kawasaki161 on Mon, 26 September 2016, 15:37:44 »
Feel really lucky to have had the RNG gods on my side in the reraffle!
Dreaming about the last hanami aswell ;D

I kinda have the feeling there was no Hanami cap in the reraffle. If we are lucky there are wasabis.

Any update on your shipping yet? Mine says that the package is not even with USPS yet  :(
I don't know, I think keycap compatability might become an issue. Here is something I came up with that would use unused keys from full keysets:

Transit van?
Really hoping to get a HHKB BT with lubed rails and purple sliders. I'm very excited for my custom (X60) to be in my hands which will be HHKB layout with lubed/stickered linears.

I also want to double my Reaper Classic collection from 8 to 16 (currently up to 11 with trades). Keyset wise, GMK Hyperfuse and perhaps a SA set to see how that feels (mainly Carbon, Jukebox or Danger Zone.
Waiting on a restock for purple sliders, I know where to buy the lube. X60 sample shipped, so close...

I have 13 Reaper Classics, and 3 more on the way! I could work out some more trades and get 7 more on top of the 16 if I wanted - probably will. I bought GMK HF, sold it, and bought it again. I also tried SA, it's ****ing awful.

I'm going to meet my 2016 goals :cool:
Hunger Work Studio / Re: Photochromic Mystery Mayhem - ltd. edition keys by HWS
« Last post by Hexterdude on Mon, 26 September 2016, 15:30:46 »
Hi I am BS multishot carl cap. The first sentient cap made by HWS. This is my AMA

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how long did it take to make you and how were you made?

22 and a half years. And made to some sweet jazz music

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I was thinking closer to kenny g which pairs well with box wine and regret

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Give this man a medal
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