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keyboards / Re: Simple Questions, Simple Answers (FAQ in the OP)
« Last post by CPTBadAss on Sat, 04 July 2015, 01:59:27 »
Recommend some O-Rings for MX Cherry Switches.

Is there anything like that for Alps?

Is the first part a question? If so, I used the ones from wasdkeyboards. I've also used the landing pads from elite keyboards. Lpwl has some for sale that he done a lot of work on.

And I've never really experimented with our rings and Alps but I can't imagine it would feel very good. The actuation point is so much higher and I feel like Alps would feel very off.
classifieds / Re: WTB — BSP Cyrillic or Desko
« Last post by kacase on Sat, 04 July 2015, 01:58:22 »
Bump  :thumb:
group buys / Re: [GB] - Sadster Key
« Last post by iceman1925 on Sat, 04 July 2015, 01:57:39 »
I'm soo upset I didn't know about this  :(
keyboard key caps / Re: KWK / KBK Therapy
« Last post by CPTBadAss on Sat, 04 July 2015, 01:57:23 »
Wait are we all getting matching kwk ink? I'm down
Bro Caps / Re: Welcome Back Geekhack Giveaways
« Last post by Wilba on Sat, 04 July 2015, 01:56:30 »
In my first post to "New Members", I talked about just finishing the Planck PCB and asked if anyone wanted some PCB design work done, because I love doing it. jdcarpe got in touch and we've been collaborating on some things.

Fast forward a few months and I've just finished soldering all the SMD parts on the JD45 and JD40 V2 prototype PCBs and shipping them out to Bunny, mkawa and JD.


That's what I like about GH... people collaborating and combining their efforts to make stuff happen.
keyboard key caps / Re: KWK / KBK Therapy
« Last post by Sed8op8 on Sat, 04 July 2015, 01:55:09 »
Oh sweet thanks for the update.  I really love his work but am yet to acquire one of those beauties.

I read a comment by sed8op8 that sounded like he was done so I was confused.
nope before I pass out ill just add that he has some pretty significant changes happening in his life right now and please know I do not speak for him in anyway just repeating info he has already posted. He is still active here and on other forums just not making caps because of the time commitment  8) he is one of If not my favorite artisan so somewhat selfishly I hope he does come back soon haha his work is amazing !!!!
Bro Caps / Re: Welcome Back Geekhack Giveaways
« Last post by Meiosis on Sat, 04 July 2015, 01:54:53 »
I'm not sure how the community sees me, but I can clearly say how I see the community.

The friends that I met during my time at Geekhack are much more precious then the keyboards themselves, I began my keyboard hobby on but ended up falling in love with the Geekhack community, I have met and interacted with many people who I still talk to today. From thick and thin, I love Geekhack for everything it is, there are just some selfless people on here who will go above and beyond to help me.

One of my most memorable moments on Geekhack was the impromptu meet up held when Leeku from Kbdlab visited the USA, we messaged everyone in Northern California and met up to nerd out, amazing people who I have stayed in contact with for many years and I finally got to meet them in person, there is no point in this keyboard hobby without people to share it with!

Shout outs:
First one isn't really a shout out, rather an overdue apology to nubbinator, I am sorry I once got angry and lost my temper at you and said many things that I did not really mean, this was over two years ago, and I am sorry I did not apologize sooner. I really do respect all the work you put into keyboards and your artistic talents are unmatched.

VesperSaint: You broke me out of my shell, one of the first people I talked to when I joined, we talked about anime and kpop, and you helped introduce me to people who had common interests.

Bunnylake: Perhaps my first interaction into keyboards, I remember you almost bought my black HHKB (the initial reason I joined), we ended up becoming friends through our common interests, I know you are someone I can always rely on to finish what you started, you are truly a man who gives without expecting to receive. Through everything, I'm lucky to have been your friend.

Sent: one of  the first people I talked to almost daily for months, wish we still talked more :(, but I know you are busy!

Ninjadoc1: My elder, so knowledgeable and can talk for days about anything, helped me out a lot, and very caring.


Skype group closest friends:
Clacktalk: Too much in common, we were instant buddies. All the nights of playing GTA until 4 am together...
Slickmamba: ended up road tripping together out of the blue, mini keycon-west, great guy who taught me how to CS:GO.
TheByker: Canadian 'nuff said.
Taylordcraig: Someone I can trust with just about anything, amazingly talented at everything he does!
GhostJuggernaut/Jim: The model American, with a soft heart and generous
Karura/Kevin: Probably the nicest guy I've ever met, I don't think I've ever heard him talk behind someones back, only offers to help but never asks for anything in return (Canadian, but better!)
Radio_Killah: Amazing guy, puts friends first and never asks for anything.
billnye and Photekq: Although you and Josh act like you don't know better (trolls), I know you two both are very caring and defensive towards friends, even if you guys garnered the collective hate of geekhack, you still put friendship first, and that's what matters.
yicaoyimu: We've talked a lot, for a time I thought you disappeared, but you came back! I'm so glad we got to meet up too!
Zeal: Probably my Canadian brother... Exactly like me..
SethK and Hwood: Young ones, I hope I don't let you guys down. :(
Katushkin: American in Britain
Azhdar: Azerty

All my friends have helped me a lot, and it would be hard to choose just one story, but everyone is close to me like my keyboard clicking family, I have become a small fish in a big pond to a small fish in a family.
new members / Re: Been a silent member for a while
« Last post by iceman1925 on Sat, 04 July 2015, 01:54:09 »
Thank you! I love all my babies equally ;) Really though, my CM Rapid-I is my main board at home, the Ducky is my portable take everywhere board, and I use the data911 for the HTPC in the living room. The tenkey pad I use when I do work with lots of numbers.
off topic / Re: The many faces of Geekhack
« Last post by henz on Sat, 04 July 2015, 01:52:50 »
Might as well.
Show Image

Taken just before the traditional Champagne breakfast at my graduation last month.
Graduating here involves fancy hats, trucks, and a lot of alcohol.

Did you sing "för vi har tagit studenten" ? :)
GON's KeyboardWorks / Re: Questions and Answers
« Last post by henz on Sat, 04 July 2015, 01:48:50 »
Anyone know how to get the nerd60 v2.1 board into bootloader manually? i wasn't able to configure the kbd reset with keymap using the 1.4 gui since it would crash every time i tried to save, there's mentions of the 1.3 gui being the only thing compatible with the board but i wasn't able to obtain it. now my only hope is to try and re flash the 2.0 firmware one the board but it keeps failing and timing out

I recognize this behaviour, there is 2 pads on the back of the pcb that's needs to be soldered together. I'm in bed now, but I'll shoot you a pm when I'm up and when I have checked it.
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