Author Topic: Pointing device regestry hacks not always working, any help?  (Read 11874 times)

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Pointing device regestry hacks not always working, any help?
« on: Thu, 20 June 2019, 21:46:15 »
There are a number of registry hacks needed on a PC, Windows 10 Pro to speed up the pointing device. Sometimes they take hold, sometimes not. Reboot and loose settings even though they are still set in the registry. Some times it works, sometimes out of the blue it fails to work. Stops working. Even though my values are still present in the registry. Does anyone know how to permanently enforce this? I do not mean mouse under control panel in the registry but that along with hacks in other areas. There is a program to do it but that often fails to work as well. It seems with each update I lose it. If I use system restore I regain it but lose my update since I am running Windows Insider builds. Any ideas on this? Thank you

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Re: Pointing device regestry hacks not always working, any help?
« Reply #1 on: Thu, 20 June 2019, 22:27:49 »
Track when it stops and starts because it could be one program that is causing an override and it's staying that way until something else restores it.

Microsoft is constantly playing with the registry to thwart people trying to disable functions like Telemetry and updates, if you're not changing anything then it's them and if it's them, good luck. Your best bet is something with onboard memory, or at least software to manage the mouse dpi.
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