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Magic trackpad 2 on Linux
« on: Tue, 22 October 2019, 10:52:45 »
Hi everyone,

I have tested many pointing device because I have some health issue and want to try a magic touchpad 2. My issue is that I am on Ubuntu at work.

What I need :

- A precise device.
- I use two screen so I want to minimize my finger travel distance and I want to have a fast pointer speed.
- Second mouse button : With something like double tap.
- Thirst mouse button : With something like a triple tap.
- Two finger scroll since edge scroll is very stupid wich a device this big.
- Gestures for fixing windows at the edge of the screen and s****. (At this point, this is completly low priorised)

What I have tried :

I was using a 3.~ kernel on Elementary 5 wich is a Ubuntu 18.4 LTS.
I have installed libinput / fusuma.
Then I upgraded to 5.3.7 kernel version.

What I got :

My mousepad is recognized in USB.
I can see many info with xinput list-props 22 (22 is my trackpad id).
I have fixed a pressure issue with xinput set-prop 22 304 2, 2, 0 else I cannot click with it.
I can move, use 1st and second click. I can set the thirst click by using synclient TapButton3=2 on command line.
I donít have so much precision.
I need to maximize the speed and this is still very slow. Actually This is not a trackpad who will help me with my health issue.
Fusuma donít handle the gestures. Seemís xinput doesnít record my multiple fingers gestures so he cannot handle them.

What I understand :

All the precision magic is on the software on MacOS or with custom precision drivers on windows but at this point there is no way to have a precise touchpad on Linux.
There is no solution for having xinput to register all the advanced stuff of the magic touchpad 2 because other than to code a whole implementation of this and retro engineer the signal of the trackpad.
There is no solution for speed the pointer because the maximum speed for xinput seemís to be 25 (Seemís that the maximum is exactly the same on my GUI app that on command line).
I am ****ed

Tell me that I am dumb and make some suggestions please :D
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