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Hi everyone!

I'll be upgrading my keyboard eventually for either a GMMK, WASD or maybe even an HHKB. Equipped with what yet, I do not know!
I'm not even sure what the best thing to do for me would be...Staying with the "Standard" (ANSI), or Getting an ISO Keyboard that would be compatible with what I grew up with, the French-Canadian ISO Keyboard Layout. Which is great because, no matter if I need to Type in French or in English, I'm covered in Both...

But, I can't believe there isn't an Option or Layout for ANSI Keyboards that would allow the same ability to type both English or French without having to change anything...

So basically, I just went ahead and bought a Used Logitech G213 Prodigy for 35$CAD so I can actually function until I get my "Final" keyboard...

Now I basically need your help to Find which Alternative Keyboard Layout (Other than QWERTY) would be best ergonomically as well as still possess everything to type in French and/or English.
Which of these (and feel free to add to my list) Keyboard Layout would be best for a "Standard" ANSI Keyboard (preferably TenKey-Less/TKL Keyboards) and still allow all accents and special characters necessary to be able to Type both English and French!

Carpal X
+ Any Modified Versions/Specific Versions for Certain Needs/Jobs or Recommendations that aren't in the Above List because I forgot them or never heard of them...

And since it seems to make a difference for Layout, I am also Left Handed...a few of the Alternative Keyboard Layouts had special Versions, like: Programming, Left-Handed, etc...

And, even though this is kind of Secondary to what I'm really trying to get and understand here, ANSI Choices as far as Keyboard goes, keycap sets and many other things that are only available, and sometimes only possible on ANSI "Standard" Keyboards, so hopefully I'll be able to find an acceptable solution

Thanks so much for your Help!
(Feel free to recommend another Preferred Keyboard, like the Anne 2 for example, even though I'm not Really looking for something Else to charge, and 60% Form Factors aren't my preference (TKL w/Multimedia Buttons and Sound Adjustment).
And Feel Free to tell me if I should post this (or pieces of it) elsewhere...

Thanks again!

P.S: Are all Switches and Keycaps Compatible with all Keyboards? Would I be able to, for example: Buy a GMMK RGB TKL Barebones ANSI and a G.Skill KM360 TKL Keyboard (has Cherry MX Switches) and take the G.Skill's Switches and Keycaps and use them on the GMMK?
Even though I'm quite skilled with electronics and technical stuff, is there a Tutorial or Information regarding how to know which switches would fit and/or be compatible together
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- MX is a switch type, there are many manufacturers that make MX switches. (cherry, gateron, zeal, kailh, outemu, etc)
- MX compatible keycaps
- careful with hotswap boards, some (believe... outemu) hotswap boards can only be used with outemu switches (something with the switch housing/switch plate. other brands should be fine.

1. get something programmable, that way you can make the keymap whatever you like. you could also program any alternative layout to try. a board/PCB that runs QMK, TMK, or VIA
 - KBD75 REV 2.0 PCB - fully programmable, iso or ansi
 - i'm sure there are many more, but this was the 1st that came to mind...
 - there are a bunch of kits & parts you could easily build your own the way you want it
KDB75 kit (add switches & caps) -
sandwich style TKL kit -
kprepublic's 80% offerings -

2. the off the shelf ones are not programmable or flexible layout wise. if you do go with GMMK, just get a prebuilt one with switches and caps, you can choose at checkout.

- look at reviews of the ones you mentioned, look at build videos of some of the ones i've mentioned

- as far as alternate layouts... you'll have to try them and make up your own mind.
   - try for free - lookup the layouts, print it out on a piece of paper and see what you think...
   - if you're looking at alternate keymaps (workman, coleman, etc), i'd look at alternate/ergonomic layouts 1st. like split keyboards, ortholinear keyboards, columnar staggered keyboards
one example:'s viterbi (split ortho 70%)

this is just a starting point, do lots of research and feel free to ask any questions.
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