Author Topic: Best Lube for Switch Springs - Does it Matter?  (Read 631 times)

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Best Lube for Switch Springs - Does it Matter?
« on: Mon, 18 May 2020, 17:53:55 »
Hey everyone. I couldn't find a reference for significant discussion about this; forgive me if it's out there.

It's not hard to find a switch modding guide, but spring-specific lubes aren't always discussed. I feel like it's often just 'lube the spring with what you're lubing the switch with.' With that, I ask: does anyone have any insight / recommendations for a best lube for springs? Does it matter? Does it depend on spring weight, spring material, slider/housing material, etc?

Specifically, I'm trying to decide what to do with the springs in some V2 Tealios that I just bought. I'm planning to lube them with Krytox 205g0, maybe film them with some TX films I picked up, and spring swap them with either 65g or 60g TX springs I've got since I prefer a somewhat lighter switch. My question is if there is a best lube for the springs specifically. Would it be better to lube with the 205g0 that I'm using on the switches? Or would it be better to lube the springs with an oil like Krytox 105? Or would it be best to lube them with some other third thing? Or does it even matter that much what I use as long as I lube them with something? In terms of technique, my understanding is that bag lubing really only applies to oils since greases are too thick, but any thoughts on bag lubing? Any downsides other than that it uses more lube?

I'd appreciate any thoughts. For background, my first mech was an Asus keyboard with Cherry reds and terrible stabs and keycaps. I had that for quite a while before I then quickly fell down the rabbit hole, ordered a Rama U80-A, and have bought and built a few different boards and bought half a dozen sets of keycaps in the last year while I've waited for Rama to fulfill that GB. I haven't modded any switches yet though. I have a switch opener, brushes, other tools, and am 3d printing a modding station. Just trying to figure out the best lube for the springs. I do realize the best advice is probably "try a bunch of things and see what you like best." My understanding is that you can't really un-lube a switch though, and I'd prefer to not burn through switches trying out different combinations since I didn't order that many extras.

Also, while I'm asking questions, am I right that lubing a switch effectively makes it a lighter switch (requiring less actuation force)? Or not so much?

Thanks in advance and hope everyone's safe and healthy!

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Re: Best Lube for Switch Springs - Does it Matter?
« Reply #1 on: Mon, 18 May 2020, 23:16:55 »
I cannot really tell you which. I can tell you lube absolutely matters! That is why they have $2 lube and $40 lube(same size grams)! Very nice board BTW.

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Re: Best Lube for Switch Springs - Does it Matter?
« Reply #2 on: Tue, 19 May 2020, 08:13:41 »
I'm part of the camp of just lubing the ends of the springs with whatever i'm lubing the switches with, so either 205g0 or 3204 with linears.

Lubing a switch does not decrease the acutation force, get a lighter spring if you want that.

I also am waiting for my u80, the finish line is close.