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A greeting from just another newbie
« on: Wed, 20 May 2020, 01:11:10 »
Nice to meet you keyboard lovers. I'll explain how I got interested in mechanical keyboards because I don't have anything to boast about.
It was two years ago. Not knowing anything at that time, so I searched for 'the best gaming keyboard' and chose the Steelseries Apex M500 only to realize it wasn't a very good keyboard later. Lurked around the keyboard community for months and learned a few terms, but lost interest after a few months because there wasn't anything I could do myself. Now that I can spend my money without interference, I'm looking for what I can buy in earnest. Not interested in collecting, so I think this will probably be my first and last time buying a custom keyboard (budget is about $250).
Other than keyboards my hobby is playing rhythm games.

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Re: A greeting from just another newbie
« Reply #1 on: Wed, 20 May 2020, 03:03:01 »
Welcome to the club, IceCandle!

I think it's a very exciting hobby and definitely you will feel right at home if you play rhythm games. We all start somewhere when it comes to whatever we like, so the SteelSeries, for the uninitiated, is a great start. You did say that you have lurked around - which is good, as it perks up your interests and you can start narrowing what you would want out of your custom keyboard :)

Now, to riff off your pursuit of buying a custom keyboard, it is good that you have set a budget as you can work within that range for all aspects. I suggest you start looking at the pinned threads on the "Keyboard" forum as well as asking yourself some important questions, such as:
  • Do I want to solder a keyboard, a hot-swappable PCB, or do I want someone to build it for me?
  • What am I going to be using it primarily for?
  • What switches do I like?

This will help you at least narrow down a few things that make it easier to find things out for your keeb. Happy hunting!
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