Author Topic: Hello from Cali! Looking to showcase some exotic metal caps in the near future.  (Read 1006 times)

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Hi Ya'll

Been a lurker for years and have recently gotten into the hobby more seriously.

I am working to bring some really cool keycaps made out of exotic metals very soon. First one up is going to be some Timascus caps.

Hoping I can have the photos up and ready for them in a a few weeks.

I currently alternate between a Vortex Core with Cherry brown switches for work, and an Anne Pro 2 with Cherry Reds for gaming. Looking to build out my first 60% in the near future once I settle on the next switches I want to use. Looking for something with clear housing and a similar feel to cherry browns.

Hope ya'll have a great week!


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Hi Rikka. Welcome to Geekhack. I'm sorry I'm so late, I haven't looked here recently.

Those caps sound really cool. MX stems only, I imagine? They also sound really expensive though as well, lol.

I don't know of anything that feels just like Cherry browns unless it is really, really dirty or something. Most things meant to compete with it are smoother, and have a more noticeable tactile event as a result. Box browns also actuate higher, I believe, and the profile of the bump itself is different. Gateron browns are probably a good contender to feel more like MX, but like I said, much smoother.

Have you got a good comprehensive switch tester? What switches have you tried? You may find your preferences shift as your horizons broaden a bit.

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Welcome to the club!

I have to say that if you ran an interest check as soon as you meet the criteria for the market place, a lot of people would chime in for some Timascus keycaps. Happy hunting on finding your ideal switch - there is a plethora of switches that may meet you need! It is just a matter of researching and finding exactly fits you needs.

Since you did mention Timascus - do you happen to be a person interested in knives as well?