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Re: Dream Hobbies You Would Get Into IF You Could Afford Them
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Billionaire Fighting Giant Death Robot Battle

Here at BFGDRB we specialize in two things and two things only. Building giant death robots, and battling giant death robots togeather in the desert.
We know our clientele is looking for a unique and exhilarating experience on which to spend their vast fortunes, which is why we provide a service no one else does.
We hire the finest engineers and mechanics to customize, design, and build your giant death robot to your exact specifications.
Upon project completion our betting windows open up to the public and your giant death robot is entered into the bracket, going against some of the most rich and powerful figures in the world and their giant death robots.

Don't just sit on your money and watch it rot, live out your childhood dream, do something cool and contact Billionaire Fighting Giant Death Robot Battle today for your free consultation!
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Be sure to apply the appropriate dust control solution!
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I say to both bunches, Whether you're a majority or minority, bug off! To hell with anybody who wants to tell me what to write. Their society breaks down into subsections of minorities who then, in effect, burn books by banning them. All this political correctness that's rampant on campuses is b.s.

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